Sunday, August 25, 2013

STA-AP: Connection Establishment(No Security)

Sequence diagrams are very useful in understanding the interaction between various nodes in an 802.11 network. I will post sequence diagrams of 802.11 scenarios in this blog.
  • The sequence diagrams will be created from "actual" air traces in the network (Notice the frame numbers in the diagram)
  • The air trace used to create the sequence diagram will also be attached
I will start with a very basic scenario: "Connection establishment"
  • Mode: Infrastructure
  • No security (Open Network)

Connection establishment involves the following basic steps:

  • Scan
    • In case of an active scan, the STA would send out a probe request and receive a probe response from the AP.
    • In case of a passive scan, the STA would find the AP by listening to the beacon.
  • Authentication
  • Association

The air-trace for this scenario can be downloaded here.

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